TESLA Service Center at the Nürburgring

RPR Motors specializes in chassis optimization for your Tesla.


Your free TESLA service partner at the Nürburgring

We offer the following services for your TESLA Model S, X and 3:

Tesla chassis improvements

Not least because of our Nürburgring DNA, we can offer you products to significantly improve the driving performance of your Tesla model.

Chassis upgrade

Reinforced bearings

Optimized wheel bearings


Your chassis experts

With us you get optimized & reinforced bearings especially for Model M S/X.
Especially for Model 3 customers we recommend an upgrade of your chassis. The standard suspension is quite hard at slow speeds and rather spongy especially at brisk speeds.


As an EV driver, sustainability is close to your heart.
We don’t just replace parts/handlebars, we use skilled craftsmanship to press out your old, defective bearing bushings – and press the new ones back in.

teslaM3 KW01
tesla fahwerk
Tesla MS Nuerburgring


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